SPIT CO Mission Statement:

* We’re a new collective body who seek to uncover the stories that remain obscured and hidden from the dominant modes western of culture, and so challenge the very notion of ‘The Other’.

* We aim to create a space where there can be an exchange of ideas, information, and perspectives. As we recognise that without conversations there is no progress and the absence of progress is unacceptable.

* We aim to place a heavy significance on representation from the position of those who are consistently underrepresented and misrepresented.

* To create a community and space where people can explore their identities and wrestle with themes related to identity such as race, gender, sexuality, ability and class.

* To explore intersectionality and the way that power operates to marginalise and oppress the voices belonging to ‘The Other’.

These goals will be articulated through events such as film screenings, workshops and sessions where people can come together and discuss (and spit if you feel inclined although not encouraged indoors) race, gender, sexuality, ability and class and the narratives of those we don’t always see.

Facebook: @spitcollective

Instagram: @spitcollective